A group of atheists in Utah is considering taking legal action after the owners of a Christian printing company refused to print T-shirts for an LGBT Pride Parade, saying that the anti-God message "demeaned" their beliefs.

Atheists of Utah said that it was unaware that TIKI Printing had objections to doing business with non-Christian groups when it contacted the company to create pink T-shirts with the message “Gotta Be Real Cuz God Ain’t!”

"I found it quite shocking that an organization that stated that they were Christian would not do business with someone because they were not Christian," Atheists of Utah member Connie Anast told KUTV.

TIKI Printing owner Sam Saltzman explained that the T-shirts were a personal attack on his faith.

"We weren’t going to be the delivery method for that message that demeaned our beliefs," he insisted.

Saltzman, however, said that the company would print the back of the T-shirts with only the website address of atheistsofutah.org.

"When you cross the line and become personal and really demean my beliefs and my morals... is when I draw the line," he added.

In a post on Facebook, Atheists of Utah said that the group "wouldn't have contacted them if we had known ahead of time that they would refuse our business."

"And just as they have every right to hold those beliefs, we have every right to let everybody know about them who may not want to spend money with a company who would discriminate against someone else for their views on religion."

[Photo credit: Facebook/Atheists of Utah]