A glacier-like "ice wave" struck northern Minnesota on Friday, nearly swallowing up homes in an astonishing natural phenomenon that was caught on tape by shocked residents.

NBC affiliate WPTV described the bizarre scene as like watching "a glacier on speed" as high winds and crashing waves pushed the mass of ice shards toward homes, a terrible crunching/scratching noise following it the whole way. Observers estimated that the ice was moving up to two feet per minute.

Minnesota is experiencing colder-than-average temperatures for the month of May, which normally averages a minimum of about 47.6 degrees according to Climate Zone.

Minnesota didn't get it as bad as our friends in Canada, however: similar conditions contributed to the destruction of numerous homes and cottages as waterborne ice thawed and broke up, causing residents to flee as giant mounds of slowly-approaching ice swallowed up whole neighborhoods.

This video is from The Associated Press, published Sunday, May 12, 2013.