Monday on HuffPost Live, TV personality Wayne Brady ripped comedian Bill Maher for portraying "blackness" as essentially unintelligent and violent.

Maher has compared President Barack Obama's demeanor to Brady and implied the President was not really black since he wasn't particularly threatening.

Brady said that despite Maher's liberal views, "the black dude in his mind" was unintelligent and prone to violence. He said the stereotypical gang-banging African-American male did exist, but it wasn't the full "range of the black experience." Brady offered to show Maher "that black dude" by beating his ass in public.

"What I care about is when Bill Maher says something like that, he has a segment of America's ear, so when he says that, it is OK for somebody at home to go, 'That's right, guys that actually talk well and are black -- that's not black. I like my blacks misunderstandables,'" Brady explained.

But Maher is not the only person to have joked about Brady's unstereotypical persona. Brady himself satirized the issue during a skit on Chappelle's Show.

Watch video, courtesy of The Huffington Post, below: