More than 40 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, 7 of them fatally, while city officials pointed to a decline in violence in the city compared to June 2012.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Sunday that 33 of the 46 shootings over the weekend took place between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Six of the seven weekend fatalities took place over the course of the evening, with the victims ranging between 16 and 40 years old.

WGN-TV reported that one of the victims, 24-year-old Antwon Johnson, was shot and killed by police Sunday morning while allegedly running away after the car he was riding in was pulled over.

"He fell. [Officers] could see as he was running that he had a gun in his belt in his back," Fraternal Order of Police spokesperson Pat Camden told WGN. "As he fell to the ground, he was crawling and reaching for the gun at the same time. At that point the officers opened fire."

But Johnson's mother, Stacy Liberty, disputed authorities' account of the shooting; she told the Tribune that the car was moving slowly at the time of the traffic stop because the occupants were trying to identify an address.

"They didn't even give him time to stop," Liberty told WGN. "No call or anything. They just shot my son in the back."

According to the Tribune, the 46 shootings over the weekend represented a slight decrease compared to 53 shootings during a similar period in June 2012. Overall, homicides in the city decreased by 34 percent as of June 11, compared to the same period a year ago.

"While we've had fewer murders to date this year than any year since the mid-1960s, there's more work to be done and we won't rest until everyone in Chicago enjoys the same sense of safety," police spokesperson Adam Collins said in an email to WBBM-TV Monday morning.

Watch WGN's report on the weekend shootings, aired Sunday, below.

[Image: "Man With Gun" via Shutterstock]