During the Bush administration, opposing the National Security Agency's warantless wiretapping program meant you wanted "Americans to die."

But now Fox News host Bill O'Reilly believes the NSA's massive collection of data under the Obama administration is an unconstitutional government overreach.

On his show Monday night, the conservative host described the NSA's surveillance programs as a "massive intrusion." O'Reilly warned that "corrupt government officials" could leak sensitive data to hurt their political opponents. He said that amassing telephone records might be "acceptable," but keeping actual content of private conversations on file was "flat out unconstitutional."

O'Reilly's tune was far different under the Bush administration. At the time, he voiced strong support for the NSA's warrantless wiretapping program, which collected the telephone records of millions of Americans. In 2006, after a judge ruled the program was unconstitutional, O'Reilly speculated that she didn't care if Americans were killed by terrorists.

"Does she want dead people in the street here in America?" he said on his show. "Because I'm sure that she would not only oppose the NSA program, she would oppose coercive interrogation, profiling at the airports. She would oppose every anti-terror measure the Bush administration has put in just because they're the Bush administration. But the unintended consequences of the opposition is death."

He made similar comments regarding the ACLU, which had attempted to prevent the NSA from collecting phone calls and emails without a warrant. He suggested the civil liberties organization wanted "the terrorists to win."

The hosts of Fox & Friends had a similar change of heart.

Watch video, courtesy of Fox News, below: