Faith2Action president Janet Porter says the Boy Scouts recent decision to allow openly gay members is part of the criminalization of Christianity.

In recent remarks, reported Thursday by Right Wing Watch, the head of the Christian activist group warned allowing openly gay members into the youth organization would endanger children.

Porter said she initially didn't believe the notion that the goal of the LGBT movement was to outlaw Christianity. She also refused to believe the LGBT rights movement would ever "target" the Boy Scouts.

"They did," Porter remarked. "And now the last secular organization has capitulated to the homosexual agenda. They have put the homosexual agenda and the funds that come from the corporate donations over the safety of children in their care. If you haven't heard, while they’re keeping out the homosexual predator scoutmasters, they’re allowing these confused children who are sexually attracted to other boys to go camping with your son in the same tent."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: