A Christian radio host blamed U.S. religious figures on Thursday for allowing President Barack Obama to institute a "modern day Nazi regime" that would lead to the rise of the "Fourth Reich of the Nazi empire."

When posting about reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been monitoring internet users' activity through direct access to data from companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, Rick Wiles, said, he purposefully used a picture displaying Nazi imagery to do so.

"What is quickly rising in the USA is the Fourth Reich of the Nazi Empire; this is the Fourth Beast as foretold by Daniel in the Holy Bible," Wiles said on his "Tru News" radio show. "I blame America's preachers for this mess, this modern day Nazi regime did not appear overnight in America."

At the same time, Wiles accused Obama of being a "Marxist revolutionary," citing what he called targeted enforcement of the Affordable Care Act by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

"Is it any wonder the IRS has been harassing conservative, patriotic and Christian organizations that oppose the passage of Obamacare and other parts of the Obama Marxist revolution?" Wiles asked his listeners. "Should we be surprised that the NSA is secretly gathering the telephone records of tens of millions of Americans? This isn’t about fighting terrorism in Afghanistan, this is about population control in the USA."

Right Wing Watch reported on Friday that Wiles also repeated a claim that the least expensive family health care plan available under the Affordable Care Act would cost $20,000, an argument that has been debunked by FactCheck.org.

Listen to Wiles' accusations, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Friday, below.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]