Scott Roeder, who was convicted in April 2010 for the murder of Kansas late-term abortion provider George Tiller, will face disciplinary charges in prison on Monday for allegedly threatening the founder of a new women's health clinic.

The Associated Press reported that Roeder, who is serving a life sentence for the May 2009 murder of Tiller, could be segregated from his fellow inmates for remarks made against the South Wind Women's Center in an April 2013 phone interview with anti-abortion activist Dave Leach.

"To walk in there and reopen a clinic, a murder mill where a man was stopped, is almost like putting a target on your back - saying, 'Well, let's see if you can shoot me,'" Roeder told Leach in the interview.

For his part, Leach told Roeder that shooting a new abortion provider would be "a blessing to the babies," and that opening the center on the site of Tiller's former practice was "a gauntlet thrown down, by someone who wants a fight."

South Wind opened the same month as the conversation between Leach and Roeder and provides similar services as Tiller's clinic.

Roeder's disciplinary hearing will be closed to the public.

RH Reality Check posted a YouTube clip with audio from Leach's interview with Roeder in April 2013, which can be seen below.