In his "New Rules" segment on Friday night's edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher," host Bill Maher lambasted the out-of-touch senior citizens sitting in Congress.

He began by saying that as long as Congress is going to accomplish nothing besides ensuring that they keep their jobs, then the Congressional seal should be swapped out in favor of a photo of Mark Rosenthal, the morbidly obese New York City union boss who was recently fired after becoming notorious for sleeping at his desk for hours every day.

"But if we're down on him for being unconscious on the job," Maher asked, "why did we reward it in this guy?" He then showed photos of a series of very old, very white men, including Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the octogenarian being celebrated as Congress' current longest-sitting member, having served 57 years.

"There’s a difference between public service and hoarding," Maher quipped, adding that Dingell's been in office since before Pres. Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

“But let me emphasize, this is not about age,” Maher insisted. "This is about congressmen who suck at their jobs because their jobs are never at stake. There are only three ways a congressmen goes out: They die in office, they cash in as a lobbyist, or they mistakenly tweet a picture of their dick.”

"We’ve created a system where it’s almost impossible to beat an incumbent," he continued. "The districts are too gerrymandered, the ads are too expensive. So every few years we’re treated to the sight of some Crypt Keeper who hasn’t shown up at work for years being wheeled out by a staff member so he can raise his skeletal hand to vote ‘aye.’”

"When did we become this 'Weekend at Bernie's' government?" he asked. "Where Senators are coaxed into key votes by someone whispering in their ear 'Who wants pudding?'"

Watch the clip, embedded below via YouTube: