Fox News host Mike Huckabee lashed out at the U.S. Supreme Court on his show Sunday morning, claiming the justices were "extremist" for their landmark marriage rulings.

He falsely claimed that same-sex marriage was "newer than Google or the iPod," ignoring the fact that the Roman empire didn't outlaw same-sex marriages until 342 AD. Huckabee insisted he was on the right side of history because "the history is pretty long on marriage between a man and a woman, not so much for other versions."

Huckabee claimed he was neither a "homophobe or a hater" because of his views on marriage.

"If we're determined to change the definition of marriage to accommodate how people feel and what they wish to do because of their mutual consent, then we should immediately release those incarcerated for practicing polygamy or bigamy," Huckabee said. "And, frankly, let's make all consensual adult behaviors legal, whether prostitution, assisted suicide, or even drinking 16 ounce sodas in New York City."

He concluded that the Supreme Court was wrong about marriage, just like it was wrong about slavery and abortion.

Watch video, courtesy of Fox News, below: