An NBC Universal employee was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly posing as a police officer and pulling over three other motorists, WFOR-TV reported.

Authorities accused 31-year-old Ruben Yepes Quiroz of falsely impersonating a police officer and prohibited use of lights for having red and blue flashing lights similar to the ones on police vehicles mounted on his yellow 2012 Scion.

WSVN-TV reported that police also seized fake badges, five cell phones, two cameras, two iPods and an iPod from Yepes Quiroz's car.

WTVJ-TV, NBC's affiliate in Miami, confirmed on Saturday that Yepes Quiroz works for Telemundo, one of the corporation's Spanish-language broadcasting channels. According to his arrest report, he told authorities that he "uses the blue and red lights for scenes and movies."

Yepes Quiroz also told police at one point that he was a retired officer, and that he worked as a security guard at the local restaurant where the three men he pulled over, Guillermo Montoya, Rodrigo Prado and Giovani Jesus Roman, allegedly caused a disturbance. Yepes Quiroz said to authorities that he stopped the men because of both the alleged disturbance and because they were driving with a covered licence plate.

"I saw his face and I was scared," Prado said to WFOR. "I thought I was going to get arrested."

Watch WFOR's report, aired Saturday, below.

[Image: "Angry Police Officer With Nightstick Telling The Violent Crowd To Stop" via Shutterstock]