A 27-year-old aspiring tattoo artist in Mason, Ohio was allegedly attacked by people she thought were her friends and threatened with a pair of gardening shears. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Brittany Rager's attackers said they were going to cut off her fingers to ruin her career as retribution for a jealous squabble with a friend.

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"It was like being in a 'Saw' movie," Rager told the Enquirer.

She was reportedly attacked by her childhood friend Shena Moore, Shena's father Gerald Moore, Jr. and John Gulley, Shena's boyfriend. Shena and Rager were close friends until, Rager said, Gulley began sending her sexually explicit text messages.

"She was my right-hand girl. She was always a little too quick to fight, but she always had my back and was a good friend," Rager told the paper.

But on the morning of May 5, when Rager arrived at the mobile home Shena Moore shares with her father, Rager found herself under attack. She thought she has been invited over to work out her differences with Shena, but as the door closed behind her, 450-pound Gerald Moore struck her with his cane, and Shena and Gulley began to punch her and wrestle her to the floor.

"It was 1,300 pounds against 115 pounds," Rager said. "I kept saying, 'Please let me leave, I won't call the cops.' They just kept beating me."

At Gerald Moore's instruction, the attackers first tried to break Rager's fingers, then decided to cut them off with pruning shears.

"Shena put my pinkie in (the shears) and said, 'This all could have been avoided if I had just not told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her,'" Rager said.

She finally managed to fight her way free, but not before sustaining a gash to her forehead and a hairline skull fracture. Gulley, 31, Shena Moore, 24, and Gerald Moore, Jr., 49, were all indicted by a grand jury on charges of felony kidnapping and felonious assault.

Rager is grateful to be alive, but says she suffers from post-traumatic stress and migraines, conditions that she can't afford to seek treatment for without health insurance.

"I have night terrors. I wake up screaming and punching. Any time I see any kind of sharp instrument, I freak out," she said to the Enquirer.

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