A sculptor in Paulden, Arizona has found himself at the center of local controversy and national news thanks to the nude 9-foot-tall gargoyle statue on his property.

Yavapai County officials have objected to the statue and neighbor's have complained about the gargoyle's large penis. David Smith now faces a $100 fine plus a $1,000 sanction if the statue's large genitalia isn't taken out of the public eye.

"Thomas Jefferson said if you're not offended at least twice a day, you're not living in a free society," Smith told Fox 10 News.

County officials said the statue was "large enough and unique enough so that it alters the character of the neighborhood and is not common and compatible to the neighborhood."

But Smith says his First Amendment rights are being violated by the county. He has contacted the ACLU and plans to fight to keep the statue openly displayed on his property.

Watch video, courtesy of MyFoxPhoenix.com, below: