A retiring college president made an astonishing discovery recently while cleaning out his office closet, coming upon a 150-year-old document bearing the signature of none other than President Abraham Lincoln.

The document dated back to 1863, and was drafted to name John Brinsfield, the founder of Pennsylvania's Lycoming College, a Civil War chaplain. It was reportedly kept in fair condition by a frame hidden behind a piece of wall paneling.

"In the back of my mind, I remember hearing about it," outgoing president James Douthat told The Associated Press.

An appraiser told the AP that the document is likely worth several thousand dollars, at least. However, the school plans to keep it, preserving a key portion of the institution's history that's been lost for decades.

"We will know exactly where it will be from now on," Lycoming library director Janet McNeil reportedly said.


[Photo: Lincoln on U.S. currency, via Shutterstock.]