Three of the most controversial Republican members of Congress appeared on Glenn Beck's program Thursday to beg his viewers for support.

Reps. Steve King (IA), Michele Bachmann (MN), and Louie Gohmert (TX) appeared on the television show to discuss their opposition to comprehensive immigration reform.

Bachmann told Beck that the legislation would "reward" those who broke the nation's laws and cost Americans "trillions" of dollars. She also called for Fourteenth Amendment citizenship rights to be scaled back, so that "anchor babies" were not provided with U.S. citizenship. Bachmann also claimed comprehensive immigration reform would "cement in place permanent progressive policies in to the future."

"But it makes total sense if people understand progressivism is a disease in the Republican Party as well," Beck responded.

The three lawmakers complained they had become pariahs within their own party because of their staunch opposition to immigration reform. They concluded their interview by imploring Beck's viewers to support them.

"A lot of your viewers don't even know we are in the middle of that fight right now, and we're losing badly," Bachmann remarked. "Why? Because members of Congress don't even know this fight is going on, so we need your viewers to melt the phone lines and say don't vote for any immigration bill until the border is secure."

Beck assured the three lawmakers that his network would support them.

Watch video, courtesy of The Blaze, below:

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