Americans wouldn't need to be concerned about their privacy if members of Congress worked less, according to Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Speaking to Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Monday, the Republican governor said recent revelations about the NSA showed that an over-sized and "out of control" government was now "a reality."

"The reason I truly believe we need a part time Congress is because when they're not there all the time, they're not sitting around dreaming up new things to do to us -- or for us, in their opinion," he explained.

"The key is once you fund that government that can be there 24/7, 365 days out of the year you get that type of intrusion into your lives," Perry continued. "That's the reason states like Texas -- our legislature only meets for 140 days every other year. I'll suggest to you we keep the legislature out of town, keep government agencies restricted in their size, their efforts, and Texans live with more freedom than nearly any other state."

The Republican governor previously touted the idea of a "part time Congress" during his 2012 presidential bid. If elected, Perry said he would push to cut down the time members of Congress spent in the Capital, along with slashing their salary.

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