Televangelist Pat Robertson ignored his own history in reassuring a 700 Club viewer against false prophets on Wednesday, Right Wing Watch reported.

"Predictive prophecy about disaster is almost always something from the psychic world," Robertson advised the viewer, Merin. "It's not something from God."

Robertson's statements come just over a month after he identified false prophets as people who liked to "shoot their mouth off." Yet around that same time, he denounced plans to expand the amount of security cameras in Boston, Massachusetts as "the mark of the beast."

"Those people are trying to be dominant," Robertson said on Wednesday. "I've seen this before, where people decide they want to dominate other people, so they do it like, 'I've got a word from God for you.'"

But in 2007, he returned from a prayer retreat to warn viewers that he had a message from God that there was chaos approaching in the form of terrorist attacks. The year before that, he said God told him that the Pacific Northwest was in danger of being "lashed" by something as big as a tsunami. It was not.

However, Robertson did counsel Merin to leave her congregation out of worry over the predictions of two people who spoke in tongues and warned fellow parishoners about future perils.

"I'm getting questions from some of the nuttiest things at these congregations," he fretted. "I don't know where they come from, but this is not the way God wants it to be."

Watch Robertson's tirade against false prophets, posted online by Right Wing Watch on Wednesday, below.