Appearing Monday on MSNBC, comedian Russell Brand asked the "Morning Joe" team, "Is this what you do to make a living?" and repeatedly hit on the show's co-host, calling her a "shaft grasper" and suggesting she lose her wedding ring.

Brand essentially hijacked the program, going on a rant about whistleblowers and lecturing on about the media's favorite game of changing the message of their subjects to suit their agendas.

At one point, Brand turned around and began to jeer at MSNBC staffers in the background, telling them to "work more quietly," then asking the "Morning Joe" crew if they are able to look at pornography on the office network.

Moments later he hijacked the show and began talking as if he was its acting host, saying he wants to discuss Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning and what the viewers of the program really think about these issues.

Then he brazenly hit on co-host Mika Brzezinski, suggesting she "lose the ring" on her finger because she looked like she was enjoying gripping a water bottle, calling her a "shaft grasper."

The interview concluded with Brand asking, "Who is Joe?"

Scarborough, who was absent during Brand's interview, showed up in time for the "What Have We Learned Today" segment, and remarked that the fans on Twitter seemed to love the bizarre interaction, saying they want "Russell and Mika" in the mornings instead of his show.

"They want you to be doing the show together," Scarborough said.

One of the panelists objected. "He talked about Mika ovulating!"

"I know," Scarborough said.

"That was awkward, actually," Brzezinski concluded.

These videos are from "Morning Joe," aired Monday, June 17, 2013.

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