Taking over for Jon Stewart, John Oliver's first target of ridicule as The Daily Show's substitute host on Monday night was the NSA's surveillance program.

"It turns out not only is the government tracking everyone's phone calls, but that is just the tip of the shitberg," he remarked.

Along with amassing telephone records, the NSA is also reportedly collecting emails and other online communications. In Oliver's words, the government was monitoring "vastly more information than even George Orwell wet the bed over."

The NSA revelations came about thanks to former CIA employee and current defense contractor Edward Snowden, who leaked a secret court order to Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald.

"So thanks to a bespectacled whistleblower we now know that the government has been actively collecting an unprecedented amount of information on that small select group of us who either make phone calls or use the Internet," Oliver said. "I've got to say, I bet the Amish are feeling pretty fucking smug right now -- or they would be feeling that way if they had any idea this story was happening."

He also mocked National Intelligence director James Clapper for telling Congress the NSA was not collecting data from millions of Americans.

"Is it hot in here, or am I just lying?"

Watch video, via Mediaite, below: