A 16-month-old girl died on Friday after being left inside a locked van while temperatures exceeded 90 degrees, WJZ-TV reported.

Baltimore County Police said the girl, identified as Sabriya Towels, was left behind by an unnamed male relative who was supposed to take her to a local Head Start care center. Instead, the man took her to his home and went inside, where he fell asleep.

Four hours later, the relative allegedly went to the care center to pick the girl up, only to realize she was still in his truck. The victim was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest at a local hospital.

WRC-TV reported that the relative is not one of the victims' parents. No charges have been filed as of Friday evening, while police continue to investigate the incident.

WJZ meteorologists reported that around 1 p.m., when the girl was found in the truck, the heat index elevated the local temperature from 88 degrees Farenheit to 94 degrees.

Watch WJZ's report on the young girl's death, aired Friday, below.

[Image: "Ambulance Parked At Hospital" via Shutterstock]