A company called "And Vinyly" -- rhymes with "And Finally" -- will now process your cremated remains into a 12-inch vinyl record that includes 24 minutes of the music of your choice. According to BusinessWeek.com, for a fee of about $4,600, decedents can will for their ashes to be included in the pressing of 30 vinyl records to be distributed to friends and loved ones.

The company was founded by U.K. music producer Jason Leach, 41, in 2009, but recently has seen a sudden increase in interest. So far, he has provided the service for four individuals, one of whom was a club DJ whose family wanted him “to be played at his favorite clubs a few more times” after his passing. However, Leach has received hundreds of inquiries in recent months.

The process, he said, is actually quite simple. A person's ashes are delivered to a pressing plant in London and added to raw vinyl. Then the vinyl is pressed into a 24-minute record, 12 minutes per side. Leach said that most people struggle not with the price -- which is actually less than a traditional burial -- but with what music or sounds they want to choose.

“People over-think it,” Leach said to Business Week. “This tends to become a very long process with people changing their minds constantly.”

The possibilities, he said, are virtually endless. Leach has recorded people telling jokes or stories about their families. He himself is torn about what he would put on his own record. He said that he thinks about ambient sound, sometimes, or his own laughter on a loop. Other times, he said, he thinks it should just be blank, featuring the sounds of his ashes interacting in pops and scratches with the record player needle.

“I quite like that idea,” he told Business Week, but then a moment later added, “Don’t hold me to any of this. I’m sure I’ll change my mind tomorrow.”

[image of woman listening to vinyl records via Shutterstock.com]

[hat-tip to TheStrut.com]