A freak accident in Buford, Georgia, left a house damaged and a car totalled on Sunday when the vehicle flipped end over end before slamming into the garage, WSB-TV reported.

Witnesses told WSB they estimated the car was doing around 70 miles an hour after the driver apparently lost control. The vehicle narrowly missed a group of teenagers riding their bicycles through the neighborhood and ran over the curb, hitting two trees before hitting the residence with the homeowners still inside.

"We only stopped because we heard the tires," one of the neighbors, Greye Tate, told the station. "So if we wouldn't have heard the tires and he wouldn't have said, 'stop,' then it wouldn't have been too good."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the two people riding in the vehicle were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries while authorities investigated what caused the incident. None of the residents were injured in the crash.

"I think they were saying that the car had some kind of mechanical failure," Gwinnett County Police spokesperson Corporal Michele Pihera told WSB.

Watch WSB's report on the incident, aired Sunday, below.