MSNBC host Chris Hayes mocked Bill O'Reilly on Tuesday, parodying the Fox News host's claim “black culture” was fundamentally violent.

The segment began with Hayes showing a video clip of white teens rioting in California this month. The MSNBC host said the mainstream media was covering up the "white riot" in Huntington Beach because of political correctness.

"The sad truth is that the white power structure in this country has no clue, no clue how to solve the problems within the white community," Hayes said. "Look, I don't want people to be suspicious of white men, but the Huntingon Beach riot underlies a stark truth about white culture. The fact is 84 percent of white murder victims are killed by other white people."

He demanded that the white community ask itself how to deal with the problem of white crime and lamented that "moderate whites" weren't speaking out.

His guest, Cord Jefferson of Gawker, also joined in the fun. Jefferson said exposing violence and decadence in the white community was just "tough love." He insisted he wasn't anti-white, noting he had white friends. His prom date in high school was "very white," Jefferson explained, because "she rode horses and did that whole thing."

Earlier this month, O'Reilly denied that socioeconomic factors such as unemployment and lack of education could account for crime levels in predominately African American communities. He said violence was the result of black people listening to rap music, using drugs, and making the "personal decision" to have children out of wedlock.

Watch video, broadcast by All In with Chris Hayes, below:

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