Self-styled "Christian prophet" Cindy Jacobs said on Monday that the wrath of God is coming to the United States because of recent Supreme Court decisions about same sex marriage. Right Wing Watch reported that Jacobs was talking with televangelist Jim Bakker when she described an urgent warning she received from God.

“Recently in the United States we’ve had these Supreme Court decisions that are against biblical marriage," Jacobs said. "and the Lord said to me, ‘duck your head, duck your head.’ I said, ‘Oh God, duck my head?’”

The Holy Father, she said, will "mark" believers -- as long as they are giving at least 10 percent of their income to the church -- and save them from a series of natural disasters that Jacobs described as "a whole lotta shakin' getting ready to happen."

“We have displeased the Lord and the earth is going to answer,” she insisted, intimating that God is going to punish the U.S. in the form of natural disasters.

"I've been very, very criticized by people," Jacobs lamented. “I prophesied that there was going to be a lot of disasters that were going to come? And people said, 'Oh, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong.' I mean, before [Hurricane] Sandy had hit the east coast and all these things. And you know, uh, and, I mean, I don't want 'em to come. It's not that I'm saying 'Great, they're coming.' But the point is, a prophet has to say what is to come."

"It's like you're reporting," she said.

In the past, Jacobs has said that God intervened to make her favorite pair of shoes last for "years and years."

“So, you know, sometimes God is saying little epiphanies to us, little things to us, but we don’t know how to listen to his voice," she said.

Similarly, she claimed, God made food multiply in her kitchen. “I have seen God multiply food more than one time when I was cooking," she said. "And I remember spooning out spaghetti or whatever, just praying in the spirit over that, and God just made more and more and more. You know, I’ve seen oil multiply as I was praying for the sick. I’ve seen bottles of oil just fill up about a cup a time of oil. But the point is we were promised supernatural provisions.”

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