"Community" actress and comic Aubrey Plaza appeared on TBS's "Conan" Wednesday night and discussed the awkwardness of filming a scene where she masturbates while an entire film crew looks on.

Plaza, who is known for her deadpan, extra dry comic style, stars in "The To Do List," a sex comedy that opens this weekend. One part of the film, she told host Conan O'Brien, required Plaza to pretend to pleasure herself.

"How do you approach that kind of scene?" asked O'Brien. "That's got to be a strange thing to shoot on camera."

"How do I approach it mentally?" Plaza asked. "Or...?" She trailed off as O'Brien began to look uncomfortable and the audience began to chuckle.

"Did you work with an elite corps of masturbators?" asked co-host Andy Richter.

Plaza said that she read the script and imagined that the film would include "a nice scene where you just see my hand go slowly out of frame?"

"But then, when I showed up," she continued, "the camera was mounted on the ceiling. I was in my underwear and a Clinton T-shirt and there were a bunch of old men smoking. You know, crew guys."

"And then I touched myself," she said.

"In front of these guys?" asked O'Brien.

"Well, in front of America," Plaza replied. "I asked the director, 'What should I do?' and she said, 'Masturbate. Like it says in the script.'"

"What a kind directorial note," O'Brien said. "DO IT LIKE IT SAYS IN DA SCRIPT!"

Watch the video, embedded below via Team Coco: