Friday night on "Real Time with Bill Maher," author, advice columnist and "It Gets Better" activist Dan Savage made arch conservative activist Grover Norquist and former Republican U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) visibly squirm in their seats with a joke about having sex with his husband Terry.

Maher welcomed Savage to the show and congratulated him on recent Supreme Court victories for same sex marriage and for Savage's commitment to LGBT rights, particularly the "It Gets Better" project, which Savage and his husband Terry Miller founded to advocate for LGBT teens.

Savage said that the Supreme Court victories are particularly sweet because he no longer has to worry that his son and partner will be "financially persecuted" in the event of his death. Prior to the DOMA decision in June, Miller and the couple's son would be treated as strangers under the law in the event of Savage's death, meaning that the government could take far more in taxes from Savage's estate than they could if he was married to a woman.

The real highlight of the interview came, however, when Savage, looking spruce in a bicep-hugging pink polo shirt, joked that religious fundamentalists are always trying to tell him that same sex marriage is unnatural.

"I'm always telling people who say two men can't make a baby," he said, "'Anything is possible for God. I'm going to keep inseminating my husband and keep my fingers crossed.'"

The camera then cut to Norquist, whose frozen grimace alone is worth watching this video, which aired Friday, July 19, and is embedded below via YouTube: