Fox News host Shannon Bream on Wednesday complained that "very far left media" had criticized the news network's recent interview with a religious scholar who happened to be Muslim.

"The liberal media has remained quiet on the subject matter of the book but cannot control its outrage over that question: Why did you write it?" she said.

A Fox News interview with Reza Aslan last week went viral after BuzzFeed labelled it "the most embarrassing interview Fox News has ever done."

Fox News host Lauren Green began the interview by asking why a Muslim was interested in writing a book about Jesus Christ.

The initial question alone was innocuous. But after Aslan explained his interest in Jesus -- he was a former evangelical Christian and a religious scholar -- Green continued to question his motivations. She insinuated the book was a secret attack on the core tenets of Christianity and that Muslim scholars could not write an accurate book about the historical Jesus.

Bream said Wednesday that Green was "taking so much heat" because people of the Muslim faith were overly sensitive.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: