Wednesday night on The Daily Show, host John Oliver gleefully mocked New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner over his latest sexting scandal.

"He did it again? Why did he even need to do that? Who did he think had possibly not seen his photo from last time?" Oliver remarked.

At his press conference, Weiner noted he had previously said that more photos and texts were likely to emerge during his mayoral campaign.

"So, hold on, let me get this straight," Oliver said. "You're spinning this by saying, 'See, I was right all along, I made a promise that there was more sleaze out there and I am a man of my word.'"

Oliver also observed that "cubicle guy" gave the entire press conference the "gravitas of whack-a-mole" by repeatedly popping up behind Weiner.

"There are two men in that photo who've had their head pop out at inappropriate moments," he joked. "I can do this all night -- and I'm going to."

The problem, Oliver explained, was that Weiner vowed in 2011 to immediately put a stop to his behavior. He later claimed to be a changed man, and his "bulging junk" slowly slipped out of the public's consciousness. But his behavior apparently never changed.

Though Oliver couldn't himself report the "disgusting details" of Weiner's latest sexcapades, he was able to do so with some help from the Pervatron 5000 and a montage of news reporters.

Watch video, embedded via Comedy Central, below:

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