Thursday night on "Conan," Team Coco introduced a new service for politicians who want to send perfect strangers explicit photos of their junk, but who find the intricacies of online privacy perplexing.

The segment opened with a an actor playing a congressman opening his laptop and saying, "Oh, no! There's a picture of my penis on TMZ! That's the fourth time this week!"

"Oh, well," he said, undoing his pants and taking out a cell phone camera. "Guess there's nothing I can do about it."

"Wait!" said a younger man in an orange polo shirt. "I can help!"

He pointed to a logo on his shirt and explained that he's from "Junk Squad," a tech support organization designed to help public figures negotiate the tricky world of cybersex.

He did have one question for the congressman, though.

"First of all," he said, "as a high ranking public figure, are you sure you want to send someone you barely know a picture of your penis?"

To which the politician replied, "Absolutely. It has to be done."

"Okay," said the Junk Squad rep. "Then let's do it right."

Watch the video, embedded below via Team Coco: