A child who witnessed the aftermath of a residential building collapse in Philadelphia on Monday says that fireman successfully caught a baby that was thrown out of a window.

As Raw Story reported earlier on Monday, six people were injured when a row of houses exploded in the 400 block of Daly Street.

"I saw the whole house was down, I saw the house next to it was falling over," Mike McGraw Jr. explained to KYW. "I saw firemen, this dude was burnt up, they were hosing him down with the fire hose."

"They threw this baby out the window because the girl was on fire, and the fireman had to catch the baby and all."

"So the firefighters actually caught the baby being dropped out the window?" the KSW reporter wondered.

"Yes!" McGraw exclaimed. "The girl just threw him right out the window and was hoping the firefighters caught."

KSW reported that a baby was injured by flying glass during the building collapse and was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast July 29, 2013.