Comedian Lewis Black appeared on Wednesday night's edition of "The Daily Show" to address Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R)'s contention that businesses will be better off if they move to Texas. Earlier this summer, Perry made a trip to the northeast to attempt to convince businesses to move to his state and released a brace of ads aimed at employers all over the country.

“If you’re tired of the same old recipe of over-taxation, over-regulation and frivolous litigation, get out before you go broke. Texas is calling,” said Perry in one radio ad.

"Because nothing says 'We're on the cutting edge of 21st century business' like an ad on the radio!" said Black.

The ads have been playing in Illinois and California, in which Perry says, "The escape route leads straight to Texas."

"Now he's trying to take California jobs?" said Black. "Rick Perry doesn't know it, but he just doubled his porn industry and tripled the number of skateboarding panhandlers."

Perry may have overreached, however, said Black, when he went to New York. "But go ahead, Perry," he growled. "Take your best shot. 'Texas is calling?' Well good thing I've got caller ID."

"Listen, Texas," he said, "trying to steal jobs from Illinois and California is one thing, but you're going to try to trash-talk about New York? Not on my watch."

Vowing to "fight fire with fire," Black rolled his own ad, in which he said in voice-over, "This is New York City, the city that never sleeps. People come here from all over the world, for the freedom to live as they choose, for the variety of cultures, but most of all, for the fact that it's not Texas."

"Fuck you, Texas!" New Yorkers gleefully shout at the video's climax, in a multitude of languages.

"'Don't mess with Texas?'" Black mocked. "Don't fuck with New York."

Watch the clip, embedded below via Comedy Central: