A city councilman in southern Louisiana is drafting a proposal to prohibit the rainbow flags used by LGBT activists from being flown on government property.

Lafayette City-Parish Councilman Andy Naquin told The Daily Advertiser he was contacted by a veteran who was upset that the rainbow flag was flown outside the Girard Park Recreational Center, which is government property. The veteran said "the flying of this flag is a poke in the eye of a way of life."

Naquin agreed. He is now working with the city-parish attorney on drafting an ordinance to only allow American, Louisiana and Acadian/Lafayette Consolidated Government flags to be flown on government property.

“Government flag poles really should be meant to fly only government flags," Naquin told The Daily Advertiser.

The flag was hoisted above Girard Park last week as LGBT activists and others celebrated National Pride month.

Amanda Kelley, president of the Acadiana OUTspoken Alliance, told The Daily Advertiser the proposed ordinance seemed "like a violation of freedom of speech."