Police in Athens, Georgia arrested 29-year-old Clifford Eric Atkinson Tuesday night after several women in an apartment complex called reporting an intruder who was acting erratically. According to the Athens Banner-Herald, Atkinson was "running around and shaking his penis" at women in the complex.

Athens-Clarke County Police told the Banner-Herald that Atkinson also made inappropriate comments to the officer who arrived to arrest him and gestured at his genitals. The two men tussled and wound up on the ground. The arresting officer was able to hold Atkinson down until reinforcements arrived.

“He told me that he had taken mushrooms, crack and slap a hoe,” the officer wrote in Atkinson's arrest report. "Slap a hoe" is believed to be another name for "bath salts," the synthetic drug mephedrone, which at high doses can cause erratic behavior.

Women at the pool at The Preserve of Athens apartment complex called police Tuesday reporting a naked man in the parking lot who was shaking his penis at them.

An officer arrived on the scene and, as he was getting out of his car, Atkinson "made a lewd suggestion" and started walking toward the vehicle with his hands on his penis.

The officer ordered Atkinson to stop, but he would not.

“He then removed his hands from his penis and reached for my right arm,” the arrest report said.

A scuffle ensued that ended up with both men on the ground until more police personnel arrived.

Atkinson remained unruly even after he was restrained. He attempted to kick the windows out of a patrol car after being placed in the back seat. Police called an ambulance and the suspect was restrained on a back board and taken to the hospital, where he was evaluated and released into police custody.

This was not Atkinson's first brush with police at The Preserve of Athens. He was banned from the property in March of this year and arrested in May for violating the ban. Police told the Banner-Herald that he has been charged with "five counts of public indecency, one for each woman he shook his penis at."

[image via Athens-Clarke County Jail]