Tina Brown, editor-in-chief for both Newsweek and The Daily Beast, echoed CNN's heavily-mocked "royal contributor" on Tuesday, praising the Duchess of Cambridge for giving birth specifically to a boy and her husband, Prince William, for helping redeem the British royal family's standing.

"As soon as William really kind of emerged into the public eye, you had this wholesome prince and his choice of Kate Middleton turns out to be absolutely impeccable," Brown said in an appearance on Morning Joe. "I mean, once again, she does the perfect thing."

Though Brown noted that England's constitution was changed to allow for a first-born daughter to eventually become the country's monarch, she still lauded Middleton for doing "the traditional thing."

"She gives us a prince. She gives [the country] a king," Brown said. "I mean, let's face it, the Queen will be thrilled. She and the Duke of Edinburgh, much as they would have said they would have been fine with a girl first born, they really did want a boy and they got one."

Brown also said that at one point, the royal family had become so unpopular that the English public did not support funding the repairs of Windsor Castle after it burned down in 1992, and supported fellow panelist Martin Bashir's point that the country as a whole had grown to resent the family, particularly following the death of Princess Diana five years later.

"They call it 'the revolution,' privately," Brown said of that period. "Everything they did, subsequently, was about correcting what they did wrong. They know they blew it, and they really did."

Talking Points Memo reported that Brown's made similar remarks on Twitter shortly after the baby was born, posting that the family "can stop pretending they were fine with a girl 1st! [sic]"

Watch Brown's remarks, and a report on the anticipation surrounding the first appearance of the new child, as aired Tuesday on MSNBC below.

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