Actress Amber Tamblyn and comedian David Cross released a video on Thursday that pointedly mocks the Republican assault on women's reproductive rights.

"Can you imagine if this actually happened to you? If you're one of millions of American women, it has," Tamblyn wrote on The Huffington Post. "It is happening not in an exam room, but in a room with marbled floors, expensive pens and numerous symbols of 'freedom,' populated by men and women in crisp suits whose ideas about 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' are rooted in illogical double-standards and hypocrisies that boggle the mind."

In the video, Tamblyn visits Cross for a routine check-up, which she notes is now covered thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Cross concurs that the check-up is "unfortunately" covered, but promises that efforts are underway repeal the law.

When Tamblyn asks for a prescription for birth control, Cross medically examines her hand and concludes she is "good to go" since new research from 1926 found women don't have sex before marriage.

Tamblyn informs Cross she seeking a prescription for birth control to reduce menstrual cramps, not because of her sex life, which is none of his business anyway. Cross agrees to write her a prescription, but Tamblyn receives Viagra rather than oral contraceptives.

"What that will allow you to do is find a gentleman that will intercourse the cramps out of ya once you're married. It's a win, win," he explains.

Tamblyn is later horrified to learn that Cross isn't a gynecologist. He is an elected "gynaetician" with a Bachelor of Art degree from the Todd Akin non-Technical College of Biological Studies and Rhetoric.

Watch video, courtesy of AOL, below: