The LGBT community will stop at nothing to win acceptance, Pat Robertson said somberly on The 700 Club on Monday, and are willing to undo many of the nation's institutions to do it.

"I think you have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, that the gay community wants an affirmation of the way they do sex," Robertson told his viewers. "They're willing, first of all, to destroy the church, if need be. Then to destroy the military if need be, then to destroy marriage if need be, then to destroy businesses if they need be."

Robertson also speculated that if there were 100 million Christians living the U.S., then a "maximum" of 2 percent were gay men and 1 percent were lesbians.

"Is that minority going to destroy all the foundations of the morality of the majority?" he asked.

A Gallup poll conducted in February 2013 concluded that every state in the U.S. was within two percentage points of the overall national average of 3.5 percent LGBT population.

"While the variation in LGBT identification across states is relatively small, findings do suggest some evidence that the variation is not entirely random," the study said. "Social climates that promote acceptance of or stigma toward LGBT individuals could affect how many adults disclose an LGBT identity."

Robertson also speculated on Monday that evangelical Christians would put themselves in harm's way attempting to help homosexuals get into heaven.

"We are people who love," he said. "And yet now, your love is going to put you in jail, because the people who are going to hell through their lifestyle think, 'Well, we want to be affirmed.'"

Watch Robertson's latest warning, posted by Right Wing Watch on Monday, below.