A cop in Killeen, Texas was killed Saturday night in a gunfight with a military veteran who inexplicably attacked officers with an AK-47.

Two officers were shot in the exchange, according to NBC News affiliate KCEN-TV, which began after a report of a man threatening people with a long rifle by an apartment complex pool.

When a SWAT team arrived at Grandon Manor Apartments around midnight, they found the armed man had returned to his residence in the complex, but was still brandishing a long rifle in a threatening manner.

That's when he allegedly fired a shot, but then appeared to give himself up. When officers moved in to make an arrest, the unidentified man allegedly opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle.

Two officers were hit and the suspect was killed. One of the officers was pronounced dead less than an hour later. The surviving officer reportedly underwent surgery and was in stable condition.

No names of those involved have been released, but the shooter's neighbors told KCEN-TV that he was a soldier.

This video is from NBC affiliate KCEN-TV, aired Sunday, July 14, 2013.

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