Trayvon Martin's mother said Thursday night that she didn't believe the six women jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman were able to imagine her son as their own son.

Sybrina Fulton told CNN's Anderson Cooper she was shocked when she heard the verdict.

"The reason I say that is because I just look at people as people, and I thought for sure that the jury looked at Trayvon as an average teenager that was minding his own business, that wasn't committing any crime, that was coming home from the store and was feet away from where he was actually going," she said. "But when I heard the verdict I kind of understand the disconnect, in that maybe they didn't see Trayvon as their son, they didn't see Trayvon as a teenager, they didn't see Trayvon as just a human being that was minding his own business."

Zimmerman never denied killing Martin. The neighborhood watch volunteer said he briefly followed the unarmed black teen because he suspected he was up to no good. At some point, Martin and Zimmerman got into a physical fight, which resulted in Martin being shot. The defense team was able to convince the jury there was not enough evidence to prove Zimmerman acted with "ill will."

"I thought the human side of them would say, 'Listen this was a kid, this guy made a mistake,'" Fulton said.

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