The Catholic Church is basically a giant gay parade, according to one anti-gay street preacher at San Diego's Pride Parade on Saturday.

"Shame on you. You will go to hell with those child molesting priests," Ruben Israel shouted from a bullhorn as the parade strolled past. "No wonder you want to be a Catholic. Those Catholic priests molest those boys. It's nothing but a gay parade every day at some of those churches. Shame on you."

His supporters held signs that read, "Homo sex is sin" and "Cry to God, Jesus saves." Beside them was a sign that pointed at them with the word "Assholes."

Israel was pleased his signs and preaching stirred up people at the "sodomite shame parade" in "Sin DIEgo."

"Today we worked with a good crew of men who loved not their lives and were willing to die for their faith. We ‘soul warned’ for God and His holy standard was honored in San Diego as they have no excuse," he wrote on Facebook.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Bradley Fikes, below: