Birmingham News food editor David Holloway was raked over the coals on Tuesday for fumbling a story about a football-themed event for women, Think Progress reported.

The story, which was supposed to preview the "Girls of Fall" mixer in Mobile, Alabama, originally began with the sentence, "football can be a confusing and vexing concept, especially for women," prompting online complaints about the article's sexist tone.

"Personally, I find it confusing and vexing that you wrote that sentence in the first place, and that it made it into a story produced by a professional news outlet that supposedly has an editor," journalist Elizabeth Spiers wrote in the comments section for Holloway's column.

Holloway later posted an apology in the comments section, saying the event "is not geared toward those women who are experts in football, but those who are not but want to learn more." The article was also changed to not single out women.

[Image: "Woman At A Football Game Cheering For Her Team" via Shutterstock]