A 50-year-old Colorado man has reportedly confessed to authorities that he attacked a pair of raccoons in a bid for revenge for the death of his cat years ago.

KCNC-TV reported on Tuesday that Richard Moller told police he suffered a 10-minute "glitch" of anger on Monday that caused him to jump into a trash bin and use a piece of wood to hit the animals. He also reportedly said to officers that did not intend to use the nails protuding from the board to stab them, but instead wanted to cause "blunt force trauma."

Though Moller faces two counts of felony animal cruelty, one of his co-workers at a Boulder, Colorado liquor store defended his character to KCNC, saying he was well-liked by customers.

"He's a good person," Moller's unidentified colleague told KCNC. "I just hope this doesn't get missed in all of this, 'cause he really is a good guy."

The Boulder Daily Camera reported that one of the raccoons was found dead in the bin, while the other ran away injured. According to court records, Moller told a witness during the attack that "all raccoons must die" before fleeing the scene. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Watch KCNC's report on the alleged revenge killing, aired Tuesday, below.