Activist comedian Lee Camp used footage recently released by NASA on climate change as an opportunity for people to bring the issue further into public consciousness.

The video simulation, which Camp called, "We're f*cked by 2100," demonstrates the devastating consequences of carbon dioxide emissions continuing at their current rate of 400 parts per million through the year 2100.

"It makes the problems in the movie Independence Day seem downright manageable," Camp said.

Weather Underground co-founder Jeff Masters told the Weather Channel the effects highlighted in the video are already manifesting by the increase in extreme weather over the past three years."

"We're only at 400 parts per million," Masters said to the Weather Channel. "I shudder to think what it's gonna be like if we hit 550 or 800, like we're talking about for the end of the century."

However, Camp said the video still represented an opportunity for people to "get off our f*cking *sses" and push the envelope on public dissent by bringing up NASA's findings as often as they can.

"Large change only happens when we reach a cultural tipping point," Camp argued. "And like a fat kid on a see-saw, some people have more effect on the tipping than others. But every kid still makes a difference."

Watch Camp encourage public discussion on NASA's disturbing report, in video posted on Saturday, below.

[h/t Crooks & Liars]