Detroit police officers were startled to receive an email Monday that contained the height, weight and bra-size of all women police officers on the force. According to Detroit's Fox 2 News, the information was contained in a forwarded email notifying officers that their bulletproof vests and body armor were ready to be picked up.

Every officer who gets issued body armor must list their exact physical dimensions when they apply for the gear. For men, this includes torso girth, shoulders and waist size. For women it also includes bra cup size.

Police told Channel 2 that about three weeks ago, Commander Dwayne Love sent out a group email notification that officers' vests and body armor were ready to be picked up. Assistant Police Chief James White said, "On the third page, the females were listed. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, the cup sizes of the females were listed on that third page, and it was really just a clerical error."

White described Love as a "(c)onscientious, very hard working command officer. However, it's an embarrassing situation, and I'm going to be addressing the issue formally with him over the next couple weeks."

"Once we complete our investigation, there will be corrective action," said Love.

Two women officers have gone through the police union to file grievances against the department. They said that even if Love's mistake was innocent, the damage is done. They also say that they have faced insulting and uncomfortable situations in the work environment since the information was exposed.

Watch video about this story, embedded below via Fox 2 News:

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