In the video below, director of cute cat videos Shula Von Hollow (comic Julie Klausner) explained the exhaustive and extremely demanding work that goes into producing the Internet's supply of clips of kittens and cats.

"Most idiots think, 'Oh, another bozo with an iPhone filming her cat doing funny stuff,'" she said. "Nothing could be further from the truth."

Months of pre-production go into every video, she said. Her cat actors -- or "cactors" -- do literally hundreds of takes.

"I am the Stanley Kubrick of cat videos," she proclaimed, then rolled video of herself yelling at a hapless producer and throwing props.

"Call me when you're ready to stop screwing around and make a cat video!" she bellowed.

Von Hollow thought she'd reached her career peak, but then she met Javier, a black and white cat who she said is "pure sex." He became her muse, like Laura Dern did for David Lynch, Mia Farrow did for Woody Allen and cocaine did for Quentin Tarantino.

Keyboard Cat came along, however, she said, "like a comet." And she lost everything.

Watch Von Hollow's tail of woe, embedded below via Funny or Die:

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