The inaugural installment of an American adaptation of the famous Spanish "Running of the Bulls" ended up with an unintended sideshow when a drone filming the action crashed into the audience.

The Washington Post reported on Sunday that five people suffered minor injuries during the incident at the first "Great Bull Run" in Virginia on Saturday, when the drone, operated by event organizers, went down, leading an unidentified person filming it to yell, "It just hit that dude in the face!"

According to The Atlantic, the series of festivals, which is scheduled to be held in 10 U.S. regions, uses pictures of the actual event in Pamplona, Spain, on its website, while advising readers, "The pictures featured in the slideshow are not from The Great Bull Run, but are representative of the type of experience to be offered at this event."

Instead of taking place on city streets, though, the events are scheduled to take place at stadium-like venues. Dinwiddie, which hosted the event, lies the opposite side of the Confederate capitol of Richmond, Virginia from Manassas, which was the site of the First And Second Battles of Bull Run during the American Civil War. Almost 850 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed and 2,800 wounded in the first battle in 1861. Another 3,000 were killed and more than 15,000 were wounded in the second battle.

Watch video posted by The Atlantic on Monday below.

[Ed. note: The screen capture above was edited to make the drone itself more visible given the low quality of the original image.]