A federal prosecutor in Texas is facing criticism for derogatory comments he made online regarding Trayvon Martin and President Barack Obama.

The Beaumont Enterprise reported that John Craft, an assistant U.S. attorney in Texas, posted comments on a private Facebook page in response to a status update in support of self-defense laws known as stand your ground.

Craft wrote: "How are you fixed for Skittles and Arizona watermelon fruitcocktail (and maybe a bottle of Robitussin, too) in your neighborhood? I am fresh out of 'purple drank.' So, I may come by for a visit. In a rainstorm. In the middle of the night. In a hoodie. Don't get upset or anything if you see me looking in your window...kay?"

Martin was shot by George Zimmerman as the teen was walking home in the rain after purchasing Skittles and an Arizona iced tea at a nearby store. The fatal shooting brought Florida's stand your ground law in question, though the law was not used by Zimmerman's defense attorneys.

Another post reportedly contained an image that said: "Obama: Why Stupid People Shouldn't Vote."

Craft told The Beaumont Enterprise his remarks on Facebook "were not related to the U.S. attorney's office." John Malcolm Bales, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, said his office did not have a social media policy.

"This office neither supports nor condones the views expressed on Facebook by Mr. Craft. He was not speaking on behalf of the U.S. Attorney's Office," Bales said in a statement released Wednesday.

But Bales also described Craft's statements as "reprehensible."