Sexual assault in the military is so bad that the do-nothing Congress is actually doing something, The Daily Show host John Oliver said Thursday night.

President Barack Obama has called for members of the military found guilty of rape to face severe consequences. Some judges, however, have claimed Obama's statement was "unlawful command influence."

"How is the President unlawfully influencing a case by saying people guilty of sexual assault should be found guilty," Oliver remarked. "How is he supposed to be more neutral than that? Just say, 'Oh, maybe guilty people should be punished -- or maybe rewarded, I don't know.'"

Military leaders gathered at Congress to participate in a hearing on the subject. But only one of those officials was a woman. The rest were older men.

"Oh, good, because any time you want a panel convened to combat sexual assault, you want to make sure that it is filled with old men raised in an era when your female secretary’s Christmas bonus was a slap on the ass."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: