Thursday night on The Daily Show, host John Oliver viciously lampooned Fox News' coverage of a living wage strike in New York City.

Hundreds of McDonald's workers called on the fast food giant to raise their wage so they could survive in the notorious expensive city. The personalities over at Fox News, however, were unanimious in their insistence that the workers were being paid more than enough.

"When you think about it, they actually work very much along the lines of the fast food business model," Oliver remarked. "They sell you something that looks appetizing but leaves you feeling nauseous for hours afterwards."

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said there was no need to raise the minimum wage because as a teenager he got a job working at a fast food restaurant for $2 per hour. But the average fast food worker is now 28, and Cavuto's $2 per hour is now $9.47 per hour in today's dollars -- $2.22 per hour more than the current federal minimum wage.

Another Fox personality, Tracy Burns, warned that raising the minimum wage would make the United States a socialist country. Oliver noted that Burns had previously expressed sympathy for low-wage earners. She lamented those making a quarter million dollars per year were "close to poverty" and couldn't afford a raised taxes.

"If any of these people happen to come into your restaurant, I’m not saying you should give them the special sauce, I’m just saying it’s pretty clear they deserve it," Oliver concluded.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: