A 49-year-old Las Vegas man spent more than four years with a massively enlarged scrotum. According to CNN, the mass between Wesley Warren's legs weighed 132 pounds when doctors removed it, not counting fluid they drained from the area and smaller bits of tissue that were removed during the operation.

Warren lived with the swollen mass for years because he didn't have health insurance and couldn't afford the hundreds of thousands of dollar it would cost to have it removed. It was only after he appeared on "The Howard Stern" show that a fellow sufferer of the medical condition that caused the swelling referred Warren to a physician who would perform the procedure for free.

Warren suffered from a rare condition called scrotal lymphedema, in which the lymphatic vessels that drain the scrotum become blocked or damaged. Fluids then collect in the scrotal sack, causing swelling, pain and ulceration of the surface skin.

The problem began for Warren in 2008 when he woke up with intense pain in his testicles and lower abdomen. Over time, his scrotum began to swell at a rate of 3 pounds per month. Unable to afford treatment, he was forced to abandon regular clothing and wear extra-large men's zip-up hooded sweatshirts as pants in order to accommodate the bulk of his swollen genital area.

"There are a lot of people that will look and laugh and stare in shock and awe and amazement," Warren told a TLC documentary team before the procedure. "It's tough to deal with it, you know, because essentially, this is a sort of living and breathing freak show."

TLC aired a special about Warren's operation and recovery on Monday night entitled "The Man with the 132-pound Scrotum."

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