Police have issued an arrest warrant for a 62-year-old Carlsbad, NM man who is accused of killing his father and dismembering the body with a chainsaw. According to KRQE News, Steven Allumbaugh is wanted in connection with the killing and grisly burial, in which 88-year-old Thomas Allumbaugh was cut into 14 separate pieces which were buried in 11 garbage bags in the back yard of the Allumbaugh home.

Police were waiting for a coroner ruling on the cause of Thomas Allumbaugh's death. When a ruling of "homicidal violence" came down, they charged Steven Allembaugh, who admitted to police that he struck his father in an argument and claimed that his father fell and hit his head, then died.

The case came to police attention in December when a grandson of Thomas Allumbaugh notified authorities that he had been unable to reach his grandfather by phone for months. Because of the remote nature of the the senior Allumbaugh's neighborhood, Steven Allumbaugh was able to conceal his father's death and cash Thomas Allumbaugh's Social Security checks, defrauding the government of over $19,000.

Steven Allumbaugh was already in federal prison for Social Security fraud, but is now charged with murder as well.

Watch video about this story, embedded below via KRQE: